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User’s Guide from Purchase to Use of Dildos

Posted by on May 17, 2017

Bed may sometimes a boring place when things go usual. Thanks to technology and inventions that are giving spices to your intimate moments. Introducing the very famous dildos! The following details will give you useful information on how to choose the best for you as well as the best sanitary care you can give for it.

To start, dildos are nothing but sex toys that are purposely made for penetration both anally and vaginally. Typically, sex toys are made with shapes that are capable of easy penetration reason why they are mostly made with shapes that are cylindrical and with pointed tips. There is a world apart when it comes to definition and purpose of dildos compared to vibrators. This is more comfortable when used than with vibrators that will give you extreme and unbearable sensation. This is made for the purpose of smooth sex.

Features of dildos may vary with different features that the user is pleasured with. One of the most known feature for it is the suction cup. This cup has a purpose of sticking the dildos to the smoothest and the flattest surfaces that will provide you wider options of use with different sex positions without the need of using your hands so that you could do so much more.

Sanitary Care Tips

It is given that you already have your dildo and experienced what it is like to use it, and you are now in search for the best tips when cleaning the device. There are different factors for you to consider when you are to clean your dildos in order for you to take good care of your health. Just like with the materials used in the device such as crystals, which are the easiest ones to clean because it is already given to be nonporous so there are no chances for the dirt to penetrate. The only thing that you must do is to wash it off with a dildo cleaning solution.

There is an available standard cleaner for all types of sex toy and this will work best too. When you are having dildos which are made of rubbers and silicon, you may just boil them with real hot water so that you could prevent bacteria build ups and you will have safe use the next time around.

When it comes to storing your dildos, make sure that they are free from any impurities, keep them as safe and clean as much as possible, never let them seen by children as well as with your pets. Most preferable dogs that are really fond of biting anything they see. That would be best if you purchase a dildo storage with your local sex toy stores.

The safest thing for you to make sure that you are practicing a hygienic penetration is through the use of condoms covering your dildo. The condom will cover any kinds of dirt that are stuck with your dildos if left unclean.

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Guide for beginners: Best adult toys

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016

Guide for beginners: Best adult toys

The idea of shame somehow always stands in a way of you buying your first adult toy, but when you do it once you will be free of this feeling and you will accept yourself and your sexual appetites as they are. This is completely normal and it is healthy even, your sexual appetites are a part of you and you should accept it that way, of course, it is a part of your privacy and not everyone should know about this, but you do not have to be afraid or shy to go and buy yourself the toy you find the best for you. Here are some of the best adult sex toys that are supposedly the best for achieving mind blowing orgasms, maybe you can find something you like.

  1. 1-hitachi-magic-wandMagic wand is called that exactly because it can bring magic to your bedroom. The thing that makes it different from all the basic vibrators is that it is wireless, meaning you are not tied to your bed and the wall behind it. Magic wand has few more benefits over the old vibrators, it is quieter and lighter but its vibrations are more suitable for achieving mind blowing orgasms. Plug and play feature is also available if you accidentally forget to recharge it.
  2. Womanizer is a device that can provide you with something similar to oral sex but from a machine. Even though this sounds unbelievable, it is true and 3 out of 5 women claimed that the orgasm they achieved with the help of Womanizer is one of the best orgasms they ever achieved. Womanizer, despite it looks like some skin cleansing electric brush, is one of the most wanted adult toys.700x390_02
  3. Eva is an adult toy that amazed and thrilled all the women out there. It is the first hands-free vibrator that looks a lot like a paperweight if you really think about it which means nobody will suspect anything if you leave it somewhere you should not. It has two arms which are to be placed under your labia, placing the motor over your clitoris.
  4. 41KhlQbJ-kLPicobong Transformer is an adult toy that can be thrilling to both girls and boys. It looks something like a cable with two vibrators on each end, this makes it suitable for you to use it however you want. It can be rabbit vibrator, cock-ring, G-spot stimulator and much more. If you really like sex toys this is the right thing for you, since you can have several toys for the price of one.
  5. Morning wood dildo is a sex toy that can make your shower experience the most pleasant experience in your life. It has a suction cup on the bottom, which means you can attach it anywhere around your house and on your shower walls too. Besides it transparent pink color it has one really interesting curve that will make your orgasm nothing less than mind blowing. You will look forward to showering after work, before you leave your house, when you come home and you won’t even need a real man to make shower sex possible.ec7025-bulk-side_2_299x500
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